TechLoan provides instant cash advances to App Developers, Web Publishers, and Online Bloggers anywhere in the world! No paperwork, credit checks, faxes, or complicated contracts.

We can immediately give you a cash advance loan if you have at least six months of stable and verifiable income from Apple/Google App stores or Google AdSense.

How TechLoan works

1. You let us view your online dashboard and analytics to verify your last 6-12 months of payment history from Google or Apple. We then send you our offered amount that we can lend you based on your eligible income.
2. You confirm how much you would like to accept of our offered amount and then sign over the rights to your master account, which we hold as collateral for the loan. You will continue to have full administrative access to manage your site, app, and business.
3. TechLoan takes out 25% of your future earnings until the loan principal and loan fee are paid in full. The remaining 75% of your future earnings stays with you. After all dues are paid to TechLoan, we will then transfer back the rights to your master account.